About Us

We are a grassroots non-profit organization based in Madison, WI that strives to reduce abject poverty in Africa through rural development projects, and to empower and assist women and girls victim of rape in rebuilding their lives. Currently, our focus is in Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of Congo. We favor an on-the-ground approach, which involves working and collaborating directly with the people in our community.

Rural areas in Africa are characterized by a rudimentary or nonexistent health infrastructure and the spread of disease. Basic medicine has become scarce and the population is at risk. Minor health problems and pregnancy easily degenerate into fatal conditions due to inaccessible healthcare. Rural areas in particular are limited in this regard, as aid hardly reaches them because of poorly maintained roads.


  • To promote basic healthcare and education
  • To curb malnutrition and infectious diseases, particularly malaria and HIV/AIDS
  • To support and protect the rights of Congolese women living in the war-ridden eastern provinces (Kivu provinces)
  • To advocate the protection and conservation of the environment through participatory development