Get Involved

Raise Awareness

Talk about AFRICaide’s mission to your family, friends, coworkers and worship community. Often, people are either unaware of the challenges faced by communities in rural parts of Africa or they don’t know how to help. Spreading the word will help raise awareness to our cause, and invite more of us to take action.


Every bit helps! As shown on our Donate page, even a small amount could make a whole world of difference for our communities in Cameroon or the DRC. Without the generosity of our supporters, fulfilling our mission would not be possible. Click on the link above to see how you can help!

Sponsor a child or woman

We are always looking for people willing to sponsor those in our community. Children’s sponsors can help ensure that they get adequate healthcare and education, while those sponsoring women will assist them in their entrepreneurial endeavors.


Whether it be participating in AFRICaide events and activities here in Madison, or traveling to one of our communities to do field work, we are always welcome to having more volunteers. Interested persons should contact us by calling (608) 217-6497.