With the generous support of contributors, AFRICaide has been able to raise funds and materials for clinics in Bôtbéa, Cameroon, and in South Kivu, DRC.

To date, your donations have helped pay students’ tuition, purchase school supplies and uniforms, engage in economic and agricultural projects such as providing start-up funds for women-owned small businesses and planting oil palm farms. We are grateful for your continued support.

Tax-deductible contributions towards AFRICaide’s projects can be made electronically via the secure link below or with a check payable to AFRICaide and mailed to

310 Oldfield Road
Madison, WI 53717

Ways to Help

  • $15 a month can help educate a child
  • $8 can feed a child for a month
  • $1 a day buys clean water
  • $20 a year can immunize against malaria
  • $50 can pay for a mammography
  • $15 can pay for a pap smear
  • $100 can pay for prescription glasses
  • $300 can help a women’s cooperative start a large cassava (yucca or manioc) farm
  • $500 can help set up a sewing (and tailoring) cooperative